Q. Здравствуйте, меня интересуют по праву книги и статьи на английском языке (для дипломного проекта требуется перевести). Скажите, пожалуйста, могу ли я найти что-то в ресурсах библиотеки? Если да, куда мне следует обратиться.

Здравствуйте, меня интересуют по праву книги и статьи на английском языке (для дипломного проекта требуется перевести). Скажите, пожалуйста, могу ли я найти что-то в ресурсах библиотеки? Если да, куда мне следует обратиться.


Здравствуйте! Для начала можно обратиться к Электронному каталогу (ЭК) РГБ (http://rsl.ru). Наберите в поисковой строке  2-3 ключевых слова, усекая окончания слов знаком *.  Можно и так, например: civil law   1. Amaral-Garcia, Sofia Isabel de CarvalhoQuantifying the economics of medical malpractice: a view from a civil law perspective Kwantitative analyse van medische aansprakelijkheid [Текст]  : Een kwantitative analyse van medische aansprakelijkheid : proefschr... / door Sofia Isabel de Carvalho Amaral Garcia .- Rotterdam : Erasmus univ., [2011] - XX, 188, [1] с.ил. - Рез. англ., нидерл. - На обл. авт.: Sofia Amaral-Garcia. - Библиогр.: с. 163-185. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 12-3/21 2.  The Economics of legal relationships Vol. 6. Law and economics in civil law countries / Ed. by Bruno Deffains, Thierry Kirat .- Amsterdam [etc.] : JAI , 2001 - 248 c.табл. - Библиогр. в конце ст. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 15 01-2/71-5 3.  Questions of civil law codification / Ed. by Attila Harmathy a. Ágnes Németh .- Budapest : Inst. for legal a. administrative sciences of the Hung. acad. of sciences , 1990 - 206 с. - Текст англ., фр., нем. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5:90-38/203-6 4. Critical legal perspectives on global governance [Текст] : Liber amicorum David M. Trubek / edited by Gráinne de Búrca, Claire Kilpatrick and Joanne Scott .- Oxford, United Kingdom ; Portland, Oregon : Hart publ. , cop. 2014 - xx, 461 с.ил.- The globalisation of critical discourses on law : thoughts on David Trubek's contribution /, Critical theory and institutional design : David Trubek's path to new governance /, A crisis and its afterlife : some reflections on 'scholars in self-estrangement' /, Political economy and economic law in Brazil : from import substitution to the challenges of new state activism /, Law and the political economy of the world /, Knowledge in development, law and regulation, or how are we to distinguish between the economic and the non-economic? /, Making bricks without straw : the creation of a transnational labour regime /, From Chile to Vietnam : international labour law and workers' rights in international trade /, Globalisation and the middle class /, Fragmented work and multi-level labour market governance : informality, crisis policy and an expanded 'law of work' /, The trouble with identity and progressive origins in defending labour law /, Duncan Kennedy -- William H. Simon -- Ruth Buchanan -- Mario G. Schapiro and Diogo R. Coutinho -- David Kennedy -- Peer Zumbansen -- Harry Arthurs -- Lance Compa -- Katherine V.W. Stone -- Kerry Rittich -- Alvar Santos.. - New governance and the European Union : an empirical and conceptual critique /, 'Reflexive contract governance in the EU' : David Trubek's contribution to a more focused approach to EU contract legislation /, A crisis of executive managerialism in the EU : no alternative? /, Muslims in Europe : population flows, cultural clash, human rights /, Re-judging social rights in the European Union /, Social, economic and cultural rights and economic development : limiting or reinforcing the Добав.:De Búrca, Gráinne ,ред. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 14-13/94 5. The roots of international law Fondements du droit international [Текст]  : Les fondements du droit international : liber amicorum Peter Haggenmacher /  ed. by Pierre-Marie Dupuy & Vincent Chetail .- Leiden ; Boston : M. Nijhoff , 2014. - xiii, 764 с.; портр.- (Legal history library 1874-1793 vol. 11 Studies in the history of international law vol. 5). - Текст англ., фр.- Includes bibliographical references and index.. - Список тр. P. Haggenmacher'а: с. 757-760.  Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 14-11/67 6. Horlick, Gary N. World Trade Organization and international trade law [Текст]  : antidumping, subsidies and trade agreements / Gary N Horlick .- Singapore [etc.] :  World scientific, , cop. 2014 - xv, 506 с. - (World scientific studies in international economics, 1793-3641 ; vol. 26). - The world trade organization antidumping agreement -- How the GATT became protectionist : an analysis of the Uruguay Round draft final antidumping code -- Standards for panels reviewing anti-dumping determinations under the GATT and WTO -- A personal history of zeroing -- Smoot-Hawley in slow motion -- Alternatives to national antidumping and countervailing duty laws : are they feasible or appropriate in the context of NAFTA? -- Nonmarket economy trade and U.S. antidumping/countervailing duty laws -- Antidumping policy as a system of law -- Antidumping and countervailing duty law provisions of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 -- The 1994 WTO subsidies agreement -- The agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures -- Government actions against domestic subsidies, an analysis of the international rules and an introduction to United States' practice -- Subsidies discipline under WTO and US rules -- United States : Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opinion in PPG Industries, inc. v. United States (U.S. countervailing duty law) -- WTO subsidies discipline during and after the crisis -- WTO dispute settlement from the perspective of developing countries -- Problems with the compliance structure of the WTO dispute resolution process -- The compliance problems of the WTO -- Political questions in international trade : judicial review of section 301?. - Mandatory abolition of anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguards in customs unions and free-trade areas constituted between World Trade Organization members : revisiting a long-standing discussion in light of the appellate body's Turkey Textiles ruling -- NAFTA chapter 11B : a private rКолл/орг World trade organization Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 14-8/9 7. Durrieu, Roberto (1974-) Rethinking money laundering & financing of terrorism in international law [Текст] : towards a new global legal order / by Roberto Durrieu .- Leiden ; Boston : Martinus Nijhoff , 2013 - XXXIV, 472 с. - Указ. - Includes bibliographical references. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 13-10/109 8. Law in politics, politics in law [Текст]/ edited by David Feldman. .- Oxford ; Portland, Oregon : Hart publishing, 2013. - xxv, 268, [1] с.- (Hart studies in constitutional law ; vol. 3). - Beginning at the beginning : the relationships between politics and law, Lawyers, MPs and judges, Lawyers in the House of Commons, The form and language of legislation, Legislation and politics, Whitehall, transparency, and the law, The role of public international lawyers in government, Government legal advisers through the ethics looking glass, Law reform in a political environment: the work of the Law Commissions, Parliament act 1911 in its historical context, The Parliament act 1949, The realities of the Parliament act 1911, The impact of the Parliament acts 1911 and 1949 on a government's management of its legislative timetable, on parliamentary procedure and on legislative drafting, International law and Great power politics, Law and democracy in a human rights framework, Politics, law and constitutional moments in the UK, Looking back and moving on, David Feldman. Ross Cranston. David Howarth. Alan Rodger. Stephen Laws. David Seymour. Michael Wood. Matthew Windsor. Elizabeth Cooke and Hector MacQueen. Philip Norton. Chris Ballinger. Daniel Greenberg. Rhodri Walters. Matthew Parish. Philip Sales. Dawn Oliver. David Feldman. - Includes bibliographical references and index. Шифры: [ФБ Осн. хран.] 5 14-13/41 С изданиями можно ознакомиться в читальных залах РГБ. Для поиска статей можно обратиться к Удаленным сетевым ресурсам РГБ: http://www.rsl.ru/ru/networkresource . Поиск из одного окна по всем этим ресурсам можно вести при помощи сервиса EBSCO Discovery Service. К ресурсам, отмеченным значком ("зеленый домик") возможен доступ через сеть Интернет при наличии читательского билета. Полными текстами представлены например, следующие статьи: 9. Guinier, Lani. THE MEANING OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS REVOLUTION: Changing the Wind: Notes Toward a Demosprudence of Law and Social Movements // The Yale Law Journal. - 2014. -  Vol . 123. - Р. 2740-2801 10. Kessler, Jeremy K. THE ADMINISTRATIVE ORIGINS OF MODERN CIVIL LIBERTIESLAW // Columbia Law Review. -  2014. - Vol. 114. -  Р. 1083-1166. Для дальнейшего поиска приглашаем Вас посетить РГБ. В Зале библиографических ресурсов (ком. А-212) Вы сможете ознакомиться с библиографическими указателями и реферативными журналами Института научной информации по общественным наукам (ИНИОН) в печатном виде и получить дальнейшие рекомендации по поиску.   Если Вы собираетесь посетить  РГБ в первый раз, рекомендуем ознакомиться с информацией: Простые ответы на ваши вопросы (http://www.rsl.ru/ru/root3444/root34444803/).
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